Twtrfrnd has been killed.

It is with great shame I have to announce that after 4 years and millions of comparisons, Twtrfrnd has come to an end.

I know many of you were passionate and frequent users of the tool, and that this news will come as a great disappointment.

Unfortunately Twitter has made changes that make it impossible for Twtrfrnd to exist in any meaningful way.

To be clear, it is not my choice.

In moving the API from v1 to v1.1, Twitter has also changed the number of calls one can make to the API. Twtrfrnd used to have access to 20,000 calls an hour, now only 120...

I'll look into how to get Twtrfrnd working again, but can't promise I'll succeed.

Thank you for the kind words and support I have received over the last 4 years,